The Circle of Life (and percussion)

Please join us in saying goodbye to John-Miachel Jacobs, and helllllll-ohhhh to Paul Currier, who will be taking over for him as our drummer. Paul cut his teeth playing the drums with a blues band called "The Alligators" way back in 1991. Since then he has experimented percussively with Punk, Alternative, Mock Rock, Hawaiian, Bass/Drum...and metaphorically with everything else. (We told him we like the way he plays so much, that he can light all the metaphysical bunsen burners he wants as long as he keeps one foot on the kick and one on the hat.)

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In the words of the festival's music coordinator, they saved the best for last this past Sunday as we got to play the last set at the Carrboro Music Festival, taking the stage at the main room @ Cat's