It's been a couple of months since you heard from us. We're still alive and kicking, but in a slightly liminal state. We had only just finished saying "Hello!" to our keyboard player Chris and our new drummer Jon (without an "h"; you'll want to rember that), when we recently said goodbye to our singer, Dylan and, about a week later our drummer Jon (still no "h.")

The partings were entirely amicable: Dylan is focusing on his solo work; and Jon just plain wasn't going to have enough time to be in a band with a lot of things coming up in the next couple of months.

And then, just a couple of weeks ago we said "Hello!" to our new-new-new drummer John (with an "h"), and now we're in the middle of finding a new singer to take over for Dylan. We're really bummed that we're going to have to miss out on the Carrboro Music Festival this year, but we'll be back in the saddle for shows just a little bit later this fall.

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