Change Has Come (and he brought a nord)!

Here's a quick teaser of what The Holler and Shout sounds like with keys and a new drummer. You know the drill, right? Message a complete stranger you found on some weird "Tinder, but for musicians wanting gigs" app, invite him to play with you in your soundproofed rehearsal space, stick a smartphone in the middle of the room to record it, and BAM! ... Two days later, and The Holler and Shout is proud-as-hell to welcome our newest member, Chris Lucier! Chris plays keyboards (and allegedly a little guitar and bass and vocals, but we can only vouch for the keys -- for now.)

Of course, Chris's arrival gives our drummer Jon (who only got to spend about a month as our official "FNG.") a seemingly insurmountably massive lead on the "shortest rookie season" award. (Unless we bring in a horn-section?) Anyway, goodbye FNG Jon; hello FNG Chris!

Anyway, we were all feeling it on Monday when Chris sat in at rehearsal, and we thought we'd share a taste of it with you. Stay tuned for more!

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