We’re baaaaaaaack!

It’s been a minute, and then a few more after that, but we‘ve got some new songs coming together and we’ll be playing a show in Raleigh in early August! Meanwhile, here’s a clip of a recent rehearsal take that we thought came out really well. (#bootleggers)

#bootleggers, 08/20/2018

Here's the second installment in our "Bootleg Rehearsal Recording of the Week" series. This week, we had a fantastic singer sit in at our rehearsal, and she gave us a rousing rendition of "I Have a Light." We hope you like it! (And yes, we do hope to see some more of the aforementioned mystery guest.) This is also the first recording you'll have heard with our new drummer John-Michael Jacobs, so there's some "value-add" for you! #bootleggers

Bootleg Rehearsal Recording of the Week

Is it about time The Holler and Shout started a new tradition? Sure! Why not? I mean, you can only get but so much out of an audio recording from an iphone that you threw on the floor in the middle of the room, but... we're going to share it with you anyway. So, here's our inaugural "bootleg rehearsal recording of the week." This cut of "Back at Home Again" is from our combined rehearsal/audition this week when Chris sat in and clawed his way into the band by dazzling us w